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Understanding Online Privacy

Parental Control (1)

What Every Parent Needs to Know to Keep Their Kids Safe

Have you ever thought about who is the most popular girl or guy in your circle? Well, the criteria may differ from age to age. But in some circles, one with more followers or online friends is considered a cool guy or girl. No matter who the followers are or if they are real. The number is all it takes to show your worth in your community. According to reports, 57% of teenagers have made new friends through online mediums. Among the common digital spaces, social media and online games are popular platforms for meeting new people online. Common interests can help you understand each other better. As far as the online gaming topic and its popularity among youngsters, let us leave it to another day. Today’s focus is on social media and understanding online privacy as parental control. So let us come to the fun part. Have you ever wondered if you can use a messenger app for spying? It is not too late to think about it, even if you have not. Facebook messenger or any other social media app is excellent in many ways, but there are some loopholes and dark spots. If you are looking for answers, it is not that simple. The answer is yes and no. It depends on the circumstances and situation. 

Parental Control? The Possibilities

There are many possibilities that a spy app or any other social media app can be used to spy on you. There are now Parental control app or monitoring software introduced for legal monitoring. The tools notify the user about the target social media activities like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and many other platforms. The best thing is that the target remains unaware of the whole mission, as best apps keep this a secret from the target. On top of the list of good spy apps is OgyMogy. The app offers complete remote service to its users. All the target’s Facebook messenger or social media activities are under the user’s remote eye without them knowing. 

Parental Control? The Fiction:

Now there is too much fiction involved regarding the use of spy apps, and people consider it as something unethical or illegal. They are right in many ways, but it all depends on the conditions and scenarios. Technically speaking, it is legal to use a monitoring app or any other spy app feature for kids monitoring and employee monitoring, as parents of underage kids and employers have the right to keep a check on the target through spy apps. There is nothing illegal or anything to be ashamed of.

But on the other hand, using spy apps without the consent of a third party is illegal. So if the target is not your employee or kid and you want to install the OgyMogy spy app on their gadget, then you need permission from the target. Written permission is necessary to keep things legal; otherwise, you can get in trouble. So make sure to double-check your local laws and policies regarding the use of spy apps.  

Parental Control? The Real Answer

If a spy app or monitoring software app is installed on the target’s gadget, the app can spy on the target. The only condition is to use it within the legal framework. Parents and employers are allowed to check the kids and employees monitoring, respectively. A social media app can spy on you in different ways. 

  • Parents can use the tool to check teenagers’ Facebook and many other social media platforms activities. 
  • All the screen activities are recorded and stored on the online portal of the app. In the case of OgyMogy, the app can be accessed by the user at any given time with the given information. The cloud-based services make parental control very easy for all types of parents.   
  • It can be used as a strict tool for employee monitoring as all the activities of the employees relevant to Facebook, or messenger can be monitored and recorded with the help of the spy app. 

With social media, especially Facebook, things are not that simple. Thee are always if and buts and other conditions involved in the situation. Even though they are so incorporated into society and have various purposes still, the list of drawbacks is huge




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