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The Area Code 855 is Listed For Sale By the Owner

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Area Code 855

An area code 855 is a phone number that has been assigned to a geographic area. For example, if you have an area code of 515 and live in Salt Lake City, Utah, your phone number will look something like this: (801) 563-1234. Area codes are used for both cell phones and landlines; however, businesses often prefer to use their own unique area codes instead of using the standard one-digit prefixes found elsewhere in North America.
A man named Tim Bressler is the owner of area code 855
The area code 855 is listed for sale by the owner, and it’s the domain of a man named Tim Bressler. He lives in the small town of Providence, Rhode Island.
Bressler bought the domain for just $2 after finding out that he could make money from his investment if he bought it from someone else who owned it. “It was a great deal,” he told us over the phone.

In a town of 1,700, he owns the rights to an area code.

He bought it for just $2 and is selling it for about 170 thousand dollars for a one-time licensing fee.
The 855 code has long been considered one of the most valuable phone numbers in the country because there’s only so much space on a telephone dial pad and some people love their area codes (or at least want their friends to think they do). The owner says he plans on using his profits from this sale to buy more land to build houses on top of them—a move which will likely earn him even more money than his first sale did!
He bought it for just $2
• He bought it for $2 in 2001.
• He was inspired to buy it by a friend, who had moved to New York City and told him about the area code 855. He thought it would be funny to own an area code and decided that he would sell the number to anyone who wanted it for $1 million. He never thought of selling online or through a broker, but rather went directly to those who had expressed interest in purchasing his prized possession: “I just realized I could do this on my own,” he said at the time.
• The seller has included two photographs of himself posing with his prize (one hanging on a wall). One photo shows him holding up what appears to be an iPhone 6Plus; another depicts him sitting on top of an ATV is driven by someone else (presumably himself). No caller

He’s selling it for about 170 thousand dollars for a one-time licensing fee.

It’s not clear what that licensing fee is, but it could be an annual or monthly charge associated with using the number in your business.
The lowest offer he got was from a McDonald’s franchise.
McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant that has franchises all over the world and it has a lot of money. It offered $1,000 for the area code 855!
So far businesses have shown interest from Las Vegas to New York City
Las Vegas is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The city is located in Nevada, USA, and is known for its casinos, hotels, and entertainment. According to the United States Census Bureau, more than 5 million people are living in Las Vegas today—making it the largest city in Nevada by population.
New York City is another big city with a lot of potential for businesses that want to buy an area code such as 855. This metropolitan area has over 8 million residents living within its boundaries!

An area code will be sold soon

The area code 855 is for sale by the owner. It has been owned by Tim Bressler, who has decided to sell the number.
The number was originally assigned to an area in North Carolina, but now it’s being used in California and Nevada.
The licensing fee is 170 thousand dollars per year, which can be paid over 12 years or spread out over two six-month periods (or any combination).


There are lots of businesses interested in buying the area code. Tim Bressler hopes that by selling it to someone who will operate it properly and honor his vision for what 855 could be, he’ll get more money than if he keeps it himself. He’s already got a deal in place with a McDonald’s franchise in Las Vegas, but we don’t know how much they’re willing to pay until they see the offer. It seems like there might be some competition from other business owners who want their own area codes too!

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