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Roborock P10 Pro robot vacuum cleaner introduced

Roborock has introduced a new model of robot vacuum cleaner – P10 Pro. She received at once several functions that simplify cleaning and less obvious support for video communication.
 One of the standout features of the novelty is the retractable brushes, which help to collect dirt in the corners, where conventional circular vacuum cleaners, as a rule, do not get. The manufacturer claims that this increases corner coverage by 92%, solving the problem of blind spots.

Roborock P10 Pro

Also, the vacuum cleaner was the first in the manufacturer’s line to learn how to heat water. The maximum heating temperature is 60°C, which should be enough to deal with even old stains.

The suction power is 7000 Pa. In combination with the main rubber brush, the vacuum cleaner copes not only with dust and dirt, but also with hair that does not wrap around the brush, but immediately goes into the container.

An unusual feature of robotic vacuum cleaners is the ability to make video calls. You will receive video from the camera of the vacuum cleaner, and everyone who is near the gadget will be able to hear your voice. This is supposed to be a way to keep an eye on children and animals and entertain them in your absence.

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Roborock Speaking of animals, built-in algorithms are able to identify cats and dogs and instantly stop the brush so as not to harm the tailed one.

Illustration roborock

Roborock P10 Pro is offered in two versions: the top one with a connection to the sewer for self-refueling with clean water and draining the waste, and the base one without such a possibility. They were valued at 3,999 and 4,599 yuan, respectively, which is about 52,500 and 60,400 rubles at the exchange rate. A release outside of China has not yet been announced. B Tech


Q1: Is Roborock a subsidiary of Xiaomi?

No, It is not a subsidiary but rather a partner of Xiaomi. It was initially involved in manufacturing Xiaomi’s robotic vacuum cleaners.

Q2: What are the main disadvantages of Roborock vacuums?

Roborock vacuums are relatively expensive, and their advanced technology can lead to technical challenges for users without technical expertise.

Q3: Where is Roborock headquartered?

Headquartered in Beijing, China, a city known for technological advancements.

Q4: Is Roborock better than Xiaomi in terms of cleaning efficiency?

Roborock’s precision mapping and efficient cleaning routes often give it an edge over Xiaomi’s vacuums, but Xiaomi offers more budget-friendly options.

Q5: Which is a stronger competitor: Ecovacs or Xiaomi?

Both Ecovacs Robotics and Xiaomi pose competition to Roborock, but Ecovacs stands out with its versatile lineup and advanced mopping capabilities.


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