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Mobile App Marketing

There is surely no shortage of digital marketing platforms, but all have individual criteria that publishers must meet. When they abide by the criteria, they get a chance to be featured at the top of the search list. The app store is a similar platform where App Marketing Companies try to change the fortune of different apps. 

Currently, three popular app stores are operating the entire app market. The play store on androids, Apple Store for iPhone users and App Store for windows users. When users are looking for certain apps, they must visit their phone’s respective app store and search for the app by typing something relevant. 

The app manager must add relevancy to the app so it gets featured on the search results. App Store Optimization is the way forward to achieving decent visibility. Multiple factors have to be considered for the process of optimisation. And we will only be discussing a few tips for optimisation, plus marketing. 

Customer & Competition

Customers and competition may be positioned at the opposite end of the spectrum, but the app needs to look at both sides. While it is quite understandable why you may need to care about the customer but to care for competitors is just to keep an eye on them. By closely following the competitor’s footsteps, you can learn several things and get a clearer idea about the current trends. By monitoring the customers, the app can better understand what to provide. 

Incorporating Keywords

App Store Optimization Services are required to do multiple things, and researching keywords is one of them. As explained earlier, searchers may not type the app name correctly and only type something relevant to their understanding. The keywords are determined based on the searches of the customers. The researched keywords are then included in the app, which makes the search engine find your app through the keywords. 

App Name & Description

A catchy app name would most certainly stick with the audience. There is much emphasis put on the app name. It must represent the app and its functionality and has a ring to the name. Along with the app name, it needs a subtle description of the app. Under this description box, you will get an elaborate description of the app, what it does and its utility factors. 

App Icon

The app icon is displayed at the side of the app name and above the description. Searchers usually recognise an application through the app icon. The icon image is designed by the app designer keeping synchronisation with the app platform. An attractive or unique icon would easily encapsulate audiences. You will be advised to pay attention to the app icon when doing Mobile App Marketing. 

Images, Screenshots & Clips

Besides the app description, there is not much to know about the app from the name or the icon. Lately, apps are required to add screenshots and screen recordings which works as proof of authenticity. Customers can look at these images and clips to better understand how the app works. As they have concrete evidence of the app’s functionality, they can decide whether to download it. 

Extensive Promotion To Drive Traffic

Mobile App Promotion is necessary when developing an application essentially designed for mobile phones. The app has to invest in promotion and marketing. People need to know about the app to download it. App marketing, SEO optimisation, and keyword inclusion are done to drive traffic to the platform. These are the most genuine ways to drive organic traffic to the platform. 

Ratings & Feedback

The app platform can also add public ratings and ask for feedback as they begin their journey. This stroke of authenticity, allows them to connect with audiences and understand their queries easily. The feedback could be used to improvise the app functionality to a certain extent. The ratings provided by the users also impact the app’s standings. A higher app rating implies better customer satisfaction. 


When you hire a Digital marketing agency to optimize and market your app, you need to discuss the areas they will be working on. You need to stay involved in all the matters of app optimisation. You can take note of this article and better understand how app optimisation should be done. 




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