iPhone ringtone Unlike Android, iOS can’t just use any song as a ringtone. If you are tired of standard ringtones, then Apple offers to purchase others in the iTunes Store. And although the fee is quite symbolic, it is impossible to do this now.

Luckily, there’s an alternative method for creating ringtones on iPhone – GarageBand. The method allows you not to pay a penny and does not even require a computer. All manipulations can be performed directly on your smartphone.

Install GarageBand

Download Apple’s proprietary music creation app if it’s not already installed on your device. GarageBand is available for free on the App Store. The app is about 2 GB, so you may need to clear some free space.

Put the audio file on your smartphone

Transfer the track from which you will make a ringtone to your iPhone. To do this, copy the song to iCloud Drive or another cloud from your computer or other device.

How to make a ringtone on iPhone: tap on the plus sign

Launch GarageBand and tap on the plus sign.

ringtone make

Select any instrument, such as keyboards.

Import File

How to Create a Ringtone on iPhone: Switch to Tracks Mode

Switch to Tracks mode.

How to Make a Ringtone on iPhone: Go to Files Tab

Open the Loops menu and go to the Files tab.

Select "View Items from the Files App"

Use the search or select “View items from the Files app”.

Explore the Recent tab

The copied or downloaded audio file will be at the top of the list on the Recent tab. Use the Browse tab to search for older entries.

How to Create a Ringtone on iPhone: Drag a Track to the Tracks Area

Drag the track to the tracks area.

cut the track

How to Make a Ringtone on iPhone: Trim the File

If it’s the full version of the song, trim it by dragging the beginning and end to get the snippet you want.

Increase the number of project cycles

The maximum length of a ringtone on an iPhone is 30 seconds. If you want to get a melody of exactly this length, then tap the plus sign in the corner, then tap on “Section A” and increase the number of project measures to 13. With standard settings, this will be just half a minute.

Export iPhone ringtone How to Make a Ringtone on iPhone: Go Back to My Songs Menu

Touch the triangle and return to the My Songs menu.

Tap "Share"

Hold your finger on the project and tap “Share”.

Select "Ringtone" format

Select “Ringtone” format.

Set a new ringtone

How to Create a Ringtone on iPhone: Click "Export"

Give it a name and click “Export”.

Tap "Use sound as..."

Immediately after the export, you will be prompted to assign a ringtone. Tap “Use sound as…”.

Select "Standard Ringtone"

Select “Standard ringtone” or another option if desired.

The melody can be found and selected in the sound settingsThe melody can be found and selected in the sound settings

Later, the created melody can be found and selected in the sounds settings by going to “Settings” → “Sounds and tactile signals” → “iPhone ringtone”.


Q1: How do I create a custom ringtone on my iPhone?

To create a custom ringtone on your iPhone, go to the “Settings” app, select “Sounds & Haptics,” then choose “Ringtone.” From there, you can tap “Add New Ringtone” and select the song you want to use. Trim the song to the desired length, save it, and it will be available as a custom ringtone.

Q2: What format should my ringtone be in?

Your ringtone should be in the M4R format, which is a specific format used for iPhone ringtones. You can convert your audio files to this format using various online converters or software.

Q3: Can I use any part of a song as a ringtone?

Yes, you can use any part of a song as a ringtone. When creating a custom ringtone, you’ll have the option to trim the song to the desired length, usually around 30 seconds.

Q4: Are there any restrictions on the size of the ringtone?

Yes, there is a file size limit for ringtones on iPhones. The maximum size is typically around 5-6 MB. If your ringtone is too large, you might need to further compress the audio or choose a shorter section of the song.

Q5: Can I set different ringtones for different contacts?

You can assign specific iPhone ringtone to individual contacts on your iPhone.


In conclusion, crafting a personalized iPhone ringtone directly on the device itself is a straightforward and enjoyable process. Feel free to experiment with different songs and create a collection of unique ringtones that reflect your individual style. Embrace the convenience and creativity that come with crafting your own iPhone ringtone right from your device. B Tech