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Cloud Migration And What Are The Benefits

Cloud Migration And What Are The Benefits

Cloud migration is something that many companies are now doing. The cloud makes managing and controlling workloads a lot easier than the existing hardware a company may use. Another benefit of cloud storage is that it improves the security of containing important documentation as well. Understanding a cloud migration is relatively easy however, people don’t know what the benefits are which come with cloud migrations. If you don’t understand the benefits of cloud migration and you need some unique selling points for your company, this article is for you.

What Is Cloud Migration? 

Cloud migration is something that companies do to transfer digital assets, services, resources, and applications to the cloud. A business will partially do a cloud migration, leaving some of its workloads on hardware whilst others are in the cloud. However, at other times they may move their entire platform to the cloud. A cloud migration can be from one cloud to another. It can be a complete move to the cloud. 

One reason a company may move to the cloud is because of issues with security. Another reason is usually that the servers are ageing. They might do it to move away from the existing hardware and software they currently use to store this information as well. Maybe it is because of a legacy infrastructure that has become outdated due to modern technology becoming more advanced. Cloud migration is the only possibility for securing their data and managing workloads more efficiently than they currently do. 

Before a cloud migration begins, a company needs to establish the reasoning behind the migration. Furthermore, it will require an in-depth analysis report as well as extensive planning for the migration, to help you achieve the key performance indicators you have set for the migration. 

One thing that is very important before you begin your cloud migration is to understand what you do when you have successfully migrated. For example, what are the available options for rebuilding specific applications so they perform to their maximum potential when inside the cloud? 

There are several questions that you will need an answer to along the way of your cloud migration. That is why all companies, no matter their size and manpower, will require expert assistance during the cloud journey. 

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Migrations?

A company that has completed its cloud migration, will realize that the size of the migration is huge. 

Some of these include faster delivery time, the cost of ownership and more opportunities for innovation. Once you have access to the cloud, your company will then have flexibility with consumer and market demands. 

More people are using the internet to get in contact about a service or purchase a product. Another reason is that employees are looking to work from home more often now. Furthermore, businesses that are already using the cloud have accelerated cloud transformation for many years. The companies that are far behind those who have adapted are questioning why they have waited for so long and why they held back. 

Cloud Migration And What Are The Benefits"

Reducing Costs

There is a lot of money saved in resources, maintenance, and real estate costs when moving to the cloud. It also helps optimize workloads, allowing them to cost a lot less to run. 

Flexibility and Scalability

Another benefit of cloud migration comes with flexibility and the chance to scale up. A company will only pay the cloud provider for the resources that they use. This means they don’t require spending money on maintaining IT assets that they rarely use. Furthermore, if there is an increase in demand or a need for more powerful resources, a company can alter their resources on demand. 

To ensure they maximize the value of the current IT investments, companies will adopt a hybrid cloud model. This means they will keep some of their workload in the existing premises whilst others are migrated to the cloud. Sometimes, a company will migrate to multiple clouds to ensure the security and efficiency of their company. 

Cloud platforms allow a company to maintain a global presence, allowing them to improve performance by controlling workloads closer to where its users or consumers are located. 

Improves Security

A company may move to the cloud because the area they store important documents is no longer secure. Specialist cloud platforms have tools that will ensure a company’s resources are protected. Furthermore, additional security patching is completed by the cloud provider, ensuring that their security is improved. 


Another positive of migrating to the cloud is that it can offer specialized features, depending on the field for the companies, to meet compliance requirements. This includes industries such as healthcare, government organizations and finance companies which are highly regulated. 

It Is Easier To Backup and Recover Data

Some cloud providers offer a one-click backup for any documents which may be damaged or lost. Some providers can store your data in different geographical regions as well. 

Makes Management and Monitoring Easier 

The final benefit of cloud migration is the ability to manage and monitor their data on one singular screen if the cloud provider offers a central management feature with their service. 

To Conclude

There are endless benefits when migrating to the cloud, which is why many companies have already made the switch. It will save a company money on paying for extra staff to manage these workloads. It will also save the company money by no longer having to pay for the hard storage that they would also need. However, there are a few issues that involve migrating to the cloud which cannot be avoided.

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One of the biggest issues with it is ensuring everything is secure whilst the migration is occurring. Your company can be a victim of phishing attempts and other cyber crimes which may cause your company to lose everything. 

It is important you have a cyber incident response team to deal with any crimes that may occur during the migration. They may be able to find the source of it and help you prevent any further crime in the near future with the new cloud you use. 

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