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Best Tattoo Supply Store Near Me

Best Tattoo Supply Store Near Me

Tattoo Supply Store Near Me

I’m going, to be honest: tattoo supplies are expensive. If you’ve got a lot of designs, or want to make sure that your artwork is consistent from piece to piece, then it’s worth investing in quality equipment and supplies. But if you’re just starting with a small ink-and-ink collection, then it might be worthwhile saving up for a few years before buying anything substantial (or even any materials at all). However, there are plenty of smaller tattoo supply stores out there that can help you get started on the right foot with affordable prices and high-quality products. Here are some of them:


Eikon Tattoo Supply is a tattoo supply store located in Portland, OR. They offer a wide range of tattoo supplies at affordable prices. The staff at Eikon is professional and knowledgeable about their products, so you can rest assured that you will be getting what you need when it comes to ink or other equipment used in the industry.
They are also happy to answer any questions that may arise during your visit!


If you are looking for a tattoo supply store in the area, then I would recommend going to Solong. They have a good selection of tattoo supplies and equipment. They also have several types of inks, pigments, and needles that can be used for tattoos.
Ink: There are many different types of inks available at Solong which include black ink (including carbon black), dye-based inks such as DyeMax or DyeMax Pro, water-based ink such as Jet Black Waterbase Liquid Ink Pencils or Tattoo Designer Ink Pens; permanent markers including Ultra Thin Line Permanent Markers Inktense Color Series II Permanent Markers; temporary tattoos such as Temporary Tat2Tattoo Tattoo Stick Kit & Tattoo Sets – Temporary Tattoos For Colorful Designs On Hands Or Knees That Last Up To 2 Weeks When Applied Every Day For A Total Time Of 3 Weeks Without Cleaning Them Out Again! You Can Apply Them With Your Own Hands Or Using A Machine to Make Sure No Blotches Show Through! Do It Yourself With These Great Items From Top Brands Like BMEzine LLC Incorporated At www…
Machines: There are many different types of machines available at Solong including electric handpieces but also manual ones if you want something more traditional looking like old school methods where one person does all their work themselves instead of having someone else do it so they don’t have too much pressure on them while doing their job properly every single time

Enigma Machine Supply Company

Enigma Machine Supply Company is a tattoo supply store located in San Francisco, CA. They have a wide selection of tattoo supplies that you’re sure to find useful and they are open seven days a week.
They offer an extensive selection of needles, ink, needles, and more! The staff at Enigma Machine Supply Company is friendly and helpful if you need help with your order or just want advice about what products will work best for you.

FK Irons

FK Irons is a tattoo supply store located in Portland, OR. The store has been open since 2008 and offers a large selection of tattoo supplies and equipment.
The staff at FK Irons is friendly and knowledgeable about their products, so you can be confident that they’ll help you find exactly what you need. They also offer classes on various topics related to tattoos—so if there’s something specific that interests you, they may have an instructor who could teach it!

Stencil Stuff

Stencil Stuff is a tattoo supply store that sells stencils and other tattoo supplies. It has been in business since 1991 and is located in San Diego, CA.
Bishop Tattoo Supplies
1026 Church Street, Vancouver BC V6B 1W8
Phone: (604) 732-2227
Email address:
WorldWide Tattoo Supply
WorldWide Tattoo Supply is a tattoo supply store located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The shop offers a wide range of services including:
Inking and piercing

Body Jewelry

Eyewear and accessories
STM Tattoo Machines
STM Tattoo Machines is a leading manufacturer of tattoo equipment. They are based in Arizona, and they handcraft their machines in the United States.
STM’s machines are the choice of professional tattoo artists across the nation because they’re built to last and have great features like multiple speed settings, a touchscreen interface, an LCD panel, and more.

Hildbrandt Tattoo Supply Inc.

is one of the best tattoo supply stores near me. They have a wide range of tattooing supplies and can provide all the tools you could need for your next tattoo session. Their customer service is excellent, and their selection of machines is enormous! If you’re looking for a new machine or just want some advice on what would work best for your style, they can help out with that too!
Hildbrandt Tattoo Supply Inc offers money-back guarantees on any item purchased within 30 days from the date of purchase (including shipping), so there’s no risk involved when shopping here; however, if something does go wrong during delivery or installation (such as an issue with compatibility), contact them immediately via email at [email protected]. Tech


The takeaway is that tattoo supplies are not as easy to come by as you might think. If you want to get a tattoo but don’t want to go through the trouble of finding, buying, and applying your ink, then this article should help you out.
You should also know that if you’re planning on getting an extended amount of time off work so that someone else can tattoo your body piece(s), then this article won’t be as helpful for them either since there will be no one around who knows how to do it properly!


There are many tattoo supply companies out there, but these are our favorites. If you’re looking for a great tattoo shop, we hope this article has given you some ideas on where to start. Be sure to check out our other articles as well!




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